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Environmental Discussion Page

This page is dedicated to environmental issues relevant to the regulated community - including: environmental manager environmental horror or disaster stories and helpful tips to stay out of trouble.

Please mail in your ideas, concerns, comments, or questions and SEC will post them subsequent review and approval.

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For starters:

  • How much regulation does this country need?

  • Do we have enough now, or do we need more?

  • What programs are working and which are not?

  • What are the real costs of environmental protection?

  • What is the next big environmental area of concern?

  • Is global warming really occurring?

Stories and tips

  • Environmental manager horror or disaster stories.

  • Tips from the seasoned and experienced to help stay out of trouble (fines and jail).

Former methanol chemical storage tank and fill line


Regulatory negligence

One of the common things a consultant runs across is the employee or company representative, that doesn't take the regulations seriously. This individual ignores and puts off obvious non-compliance situations, as he has no appreciation of the consequence of his neglect. Eventually this person or the company finds its self in a serious enforcement or liability situation. (Check out enforcement page for companies that failed to follow requirements Ray Scholten, Savannah Environmental Consulting,)

Chemical plant - tank and container storage.


Above lamp ballasts are result of lighting contractor's remodeling or lighting retrofit work at a shopping mall. He was ignorant on lamp ballast disposal requirements. He not only spent over four times more (or ~$4,000 more) on ballast disposal, but failed to handle the waste lamps per the Universal Waste Regulations. SEC can help clients determine best disposal or recycling solutions, while maintaining regulatory compliance.



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Poor position of diesel fuel oil tank without secondary containment is located immediately next to a storm sewer inlet. This is an example of a facility looking for trouble.

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